On paid social, there is truly no one-size-fits-all creative option. Your customers each choose to buy your products for a different reason, and in order to scale your brand to different audiences, you need a suite of ads that speak to different people with unique priorities, in different phases of their decision making process.

At Uppercase, we have identified several types of ads that convert new customers time and time again. While the expression of these concepts can vary widely from brand to brand, the key tactics remain the same.

Inspirational Lifestyle

The key to a successful ad suite is a balance of ads that include both organic-feeling UGC content, and styled, aspirational lifestyle content. This content is polished, and it is created to appeal to the aspirational qualities of life that your brand creates through your brand identity.


Comparison directly compare your product to direct competitors or to broader product alternatives. It helps your customer quickly understand exactly why your product is superior.

Customer Quote

Customer quote ads help build trust with your audience. They’re most effective when the customer calls attention to an objection they had when deciding to buying your product, and describe why they ultimately decided to purchase.

Press Quotes

Not only do press quotes usually eloquently and succinctly describe your product’s benefits, but they also build credibility with the user. Publications are seen as sources of authority, so quotes from press are more believable with new customers.

New Release

A new product release is an amazing opportunity to get in front of previous purchasers and individuals who are considering purchasing but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. If you release new products multiple times per year, it’s a great idea have a template that sends a visual cue to your customers to check out the site that can be easily updated for each release.

Back in Stock

When your top sellers inevitably sell out, a back in stock ad is a great way to alert people who missed out to come back again - and fast. It creates a sense of urgency with your customers and builds further credibility with your brand.

Social Proof

A customer quote ad builds trust through speaking directly to a prospective customer’s concerns, and a social proof ad builds trust by showcasing the volume of customer opinions you’ve gathered. The key in this ad is to show prospective customers your products have been chosen by hundreds of people, and they were happy with their decision.


For food & beverage brands or skincare & beauty brands, ingredients matter to customers. Showing ingredients helps prospective customers see that you have a thoughtfully crafted, high-quality product, and it can also appeal to the customer’s five senses.

Styling Guide

Styling how-to’s help your prospective customers see how your product could fit into their life. This type is most effective when you find models who fit your target audience personas, as it helps prospective customers relate to your brand.


UGC ads are important because they feel more organic to Instagram or Tiktok feeds, and they build customer trust. It’s easy to hide product quality behind polished lifestyle photos, but with UGC, what you see is what you get. It helps your customer envision themselves using your product.