Uppercase is a boutique Facebook and Instagram advertising agency in NYC.

Ready, Set, Scale.


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founded by ex-Facebookers and ex-Googlers, UPPERCASE WAS CREATEd TO SERVE AS A GROWTH CATALYST TO E-COMMERCE BRANDS LOOKING TO SCALE THEIR BUSINESSes. we’re both a certified shopify partner and facebook marketing partner. As a full-service e-commerce agency, we provide development & software solutions on shopify + facebook and instagram advertising services.


The Uppercase Process 

Uppercase helps businesses develop, implement, analyze and optimize their social ad campaigns. We take over the entire advertising process for you, so you can focus on the important areas of your business.

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Advertisement Creation

  • A/B Testing

  • Campaign Budgets

  • Campaign Scaling

  • Creative Optimization

  • Audience Targeting

  • Pixel Set Up

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Landing Pages

  • Email Marketing

  • Organic Social Strategy


with 20+ years in tech and advertising, we understand the complex challenges small and growth-stage companies face. uppercase has built world-class solutions and white-glove services to help you scale your business and reach new heights. 


“By partnering with UPPERCASE we were able to build a profitable online sales channel. We maximized ROAS (Return on Ad spend) from the start and were able to scale the campaign to reach new audiences with the same great results. By strategic testing of video ads and DPA, we figured out the most effective ad combinations to grown our revenue stream substantially and unlock additional social ad budget.”

-Kelly Yapp, Marketing Manager, Shadowbox

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“Uppercase's innovative and highly methodical approach marketing FitnessAI has been incredibly profitable. Their knowledge of performance marketing as a whole, and platforms like Facebook & Google is truly unparalleled. Having them by our side is a huge confidence booster, and we really feel like we have people "on the inside" helping us out. Their systematic methodology of launching, testing and allocating spend across multiple campaigns & ad sets is very effective. We've run literally hundreds of ads with slightly modified text, colors, & audiences to see which performs best. I constantly recommend them to both high-growth startups and ambitious family-owned businesses, and have only heard great things. I'm sure they will work wonders for your business as well!”

-Jake Mor, FoundeR & CEO, FitnessAI


“Partnering with Uppercase was a turning point in DMOS' business. Uppercase's ad strategy during the competitive holiday sales season was directly responsible for DMOS doubling our monthly sales. Their expertise in Facebook/Instagram advertising is unmatched, and they've successfully identified new audiences for DMOS to expand to.  “

-Susan Pieper, Founder & CEO, DMOS


Powered By A.I. 

Uppercase developed proprietary software powered by artificial intelligence to determine which of your ads will perform best BEFORE spending any ad budget on ad testing.

A.i. selected images typically reduce costs by 30%

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