Your A.I. Powered Social Media Marketing Agency in the Cloud

Boost Performance, Minimize Costs

Let our A.I. engine help you build the ultimate social marketing campaign. Get up and running quickly without the headache of complicated platform interfaces. Stretch your marketing budget further with data driven optimization.

Data Driven Digital Marketing

A.I. Powered Optimization

Uppercase continuously builds and updates machine learning models to optimize your campaign settings

Predictive Assistance

With predictive insights, Uppercase assists you with multi layer budget forecasts

Ad Creative and Audience Targeting

Uppercase analyzes your ad creative to help you get better results with better audience targeting

ROI-Based Analytics Dashboard

Uppercase simplifies your results that capture the value quickly.

How It Works

Uppercase walks you through each step of the advertising process to make sure your campaigns are set up correctly and can perform at their highest potential. We use A.I. to predict which types of ads will perform well for you, and to optimize your campaigns to maximize your ad budget.