The Creative Support Package is designed for brands that manage their digital ads internally, but need a higher volume of creative assets to support their a/b testing or campaign scaling goals.

Do I need new Creative?

High quality ads build trust in your brand and your product. They also save you money in two ways:

  • They achieve higher link click through rates, meaning you receive more traffic to your website for the same ad spend.

  • The digital platform (Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, etc) assumes your ad is higher quality because it receives more engagement than others, and it gives you better CPM prices.

Once your prospective customer clicks on your ads, they are sent ads from many of your competitors next time they log on.

This happens because digital platforms (like Meta) identify when a person is interested in buying a product when that individual clicks on an ad. Then Meta sends many other ads featuring similar products to that person.

A good exercise is visiting the ad library of one of your competitors and exploring their ads. Ask yourself objectively, “If I saw these competitor ads, and our current ads, which would I click on?”

If the answer is your competitor’s ads, you need new creative.


Our Creative Package is designed to support you on this journey to scalability. Our creative team works with you to create a monthly content plan for ad testing, helping you to elevate your assets and to identify what resonates most with your target audience.

The Uppercase creative team focuses solely on creating engaging digital ad content that converts - and this hyper-focus has made them true experts and trendsetters in Instagram and Tiktok creative. Our team’s specialities include video editing, motion graphics, graphic design, sound engineering and more.


How does it work?

The Creative Credit System

Each month, Creative Package clients receive a number of ad credits which they can exchange for creative assets. Creative assets correspond to the difficulty and time investment required for each type of asset.


  • Long videos that include live footage
  • Videos that require storyboarding




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