Uppercase Achieves 33x Return On Ad Spend For Spa Greystone

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Goal: Spa Greystone wanted to generate leads for CoolSculpting services for people in the greater Birmingham area. Their goal was to generate sales of the service from relevant leads.

Method: Uppercase created a campaign for a CoolSculpting event hosted by Spa Greystone. Ads were targeted to people likely to be interested in CoolSculpting, with special care to adhere to Facebook’s strict ad guidelines for any weight loss services. Ads pointed users to an RSVP page with information on CoolSculpting.

Campaign Results: Of the people who attended the event, 30% purchased a series of CoolSculpting treatments.

This campaign generated a 33x return on ad spend immediately, with additional leads continuing to come in.

“By partnering with Uppercase, we were able to expand our online marketing efforts to continuously generate new leads. Each campaign has been focused on generating clicks, package sales and leads at rates that were not only below industry average prices, but also matched our return on ad spend goals. The leads we’ve generated have been high quality, and many have purchased our services!”


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