Shadowbox Achieves 155x Return On Ad Spend With Uppercase Brands


The boutique boxing gym in New York City wanted to drive online sales of class purchases with new customers.

Uppercase launched Shadowbox’s first digital advertising campaign focused on driving online sales. Prior to launching the campaign, Uppercase crafted multiple target audience lists built from Shadowbox’s current customer CRM. This laser-focus on potential customers enabled Shadowbox to maximize their ad budget from the very beginning. 

With guided creative testing and optimization, Uppercase was able to pinpoint a strategy that attracted thousands of New York City’s fitness enthusiasts to purchase their first classes.

With cost per purchase rates at a fraction of the new customer’s lifetime value, Uppercase and Shadowbox achieved a 155x return on ad spend.

“By partnering with Uppercase we were able to build a profitable online sales channel. We maximized ROAS from the start and were able to scale the campaign to reach new audiences with the same great results. By strategic testing of video ads and DPA, we figured out the most effective ad combinations to grown our revenue stream substantially and unlock additional social ad budget.”


Casey BrownE-Commerce