“Uppercase's innovative and highly methodical approach marketing FitnessAI has been incredibly profitable. Their knowledge of performance marketing as a whole, and platforms like Facebook & Google is truly unparalleled. Having them by our side is a huge confidence booster, and we really feel like we have people "on the inside" helping us out. Their systematic methodology of launching, testing and allocating spend across multiple campaigns & ad sets is very effective. We've run literally hundreds of ads with slightly modified text, colors, & audiences to see which performs best. I constantly recommend them to both high-growth startups and ambitious family-owned businesses, and have only heard great things. I'm sure they will work wonders for your business as well!”

Jake More, Founder & CEO, FitnessAI


"A year ago Kenny Flowers is not the Kenny Flowers you see today. The team at Uppercase has successfully used data and results to make ad strategy decisions that have helped scale my clothing business 3x this year, in an extremely competitive landscape. Through proper testing techniques, they’ve been able to find new audiences and value propositions for us to connect with more people then ever and turn them into happy customers.

If you’re busy growing a business and don’t have the time or resources to properly strategize, organize, understand and maintain this valuable advertising channel, I recommend that you work with Uppercase to achieve the goals you (so far) only have written down on paper."

Kenny Haisfield, Founder & CEO, Kenny Flowers

“Partnering with Uppercase was a turning point in DMOS' business. Uppercase's ad strategy during the competitive holiday sales season was directly responsible for DMOS doubling our monthly sales. Their expertise in Facebook/Instagram advertising is unmatched, and they've successfully identified new audiences for DMOS to expand to.”

Susan Pieper, Founder & CEO, DMOS


“By partnering with UPPERCASE we were able to build a profitable online sales channel. We maximized ROAS (Return on Ad spend) from the start and were able to scale the campaign to reach new audiences with the same great results. By strategic testing of video ads and DPA, we figured out the most effective ad combinations to grown our revenue stream substantially and unlock additional social ad budget.”

-Kelli Yapp, Marketing Manager, Shadowbox


"Partnering with Uppercase enabled Rootine to scale our business at a critical stage. When we began working with Uppercase, we had recent funding and high growth expectations but needed a more efficient, mobile friendly UX and help with our 3rd party app integrations.

Uppercase really listened to our business and design needs and built a custom website that increased our conversion rate within just a few months. Their technical work also enabled us to complete the 3rd party integrations required for our subscription based model to work. The Uppercase team was always available, easy to work with and provided highly-valuable expertise that makes partnering with them a no brainer.”

-Rachel Sanders, CEO, Rootine Vitamins