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The Facebook Ads Challenge

Welcome to the Uppercase Facebook Ad Challenge!

We're taking 15 weeks to go through 15 different Facebook advertising topics, all designed to teach you the best strategies in Facebook Advertising.

This course was designed by an ex-Facebooker who worked on the ads team, and learned these strategies first-hand while consulting with many different companies.


The Challenge Includes:

Week 1: Know your numbers - Which Facebook metrics matter most to your bottom line?

Week 2: Budgeting - How to plan the optimal FB advertising budget.

Week 3: The FB Pixel - How to check to make sure you've installed it correctly and that it's measuring the right content.

Week 4: FB Business Manager - A guide on how to use the tool.

Week 5: How To Set Up An Ad (The Right Way) - Walk through several examples of different ad placements.

Week 6: Ad Targeting - The ultimate targeting guide.

Week 7: A/B Testing - Best Practices.

Week 8: Video, video, video! How to use video to get even better ad results.

Week 9: Social Proof - What it means and how it can get you better results.

Week 10: Facebook Placement Requirements - Image sizes, videos, products, etc.

Week 11: Lead Generation Ads - Best practices, how to set them up and metrics to shoot for.

Week 12: Retargeting 101

Week 13: Measurement - How to tell if your campaign is performing well.

Week 14: Ad optimization! Let's get those campaigns performing at their peak.

Week 15: Landing pages - They're as important as your ads!