How To: Optimizing Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

how to optimize your facebook and instagram video ads

Video is often an engagement multiplier for social ads. They’re better at catching a user’s attention, and they can convey a brand’s message much easier than a graphic and text. However, videos are usually much more expensive and time intensive to create. So if you’re thinking of investing in video ads, first start with our post on getting started on Facebook ads, then make sure you’ve followed these guidelines to get the most impact for your advertising dollars.

1. Optimize your Facebook videos for views

When creating a video ad on Facebook, you have the option to select “optimized bidding for views.” This means your ad will be shown to people most likely to watch your video. Remember, a video on Facebook and Instagram is defined as a view of three seconds or longer. Be default, Facebook and Instagram automatically choose this setting and it’s the best option if budget efficiency is your goal. 

2. Utilize Facebook's autoplay feature to enhance ad discovery

Autoplay means your videos will automatically start playing when someone scrolls over them in their newsfeed on Facebook or Instagram. Videos get much higher view rates when this feature is turned on, because it’s easier to hook your audience in the first 3 seconds than relying on them to push the play button. Remember, by default your video plays with no sound, you’ll get higher engagement if you include subtitles or optimize the video for no sound.

3. Remarket your video to build your audience

Remarking is a fantastic tool because it allows you to show ads only to users who have shown interest in your brand already. After you run your first video campaign, you can create another audience targeting segment of only people who have viewed your video in the past. This enables you to continue the video story with the same users, and perhaps go cross-platform (one video on Facebook and the next segment on Instagram, etc). Note: This feature can be found in the Power Editor.

4. Create a call to action on your Facebook & Instagram video ads

If you’re torn between objectives of having your video viewed and generating some sort of audience response, never fear, you can combine the two objectives. You can create a secondary objective of a “Call toAction” or CTA on your video ads. This can be “Learn More” by linking to your website, or other types of engagements. The CTA text can’t be customized, but you can choose from options like “Learn more,” “Watch More,” “Shop Now,” “Sign Up” and more.

5. Make sure you've turned on 'Public View Count'

Public view count allows you to see how popular your video has been. This can be an enticing way to snowball your engagement. Everyone wants to check out a hot new video, and by showing hundreds of thousands of views, you’ll start receiving exponential engagement.

6. Measure your ad success with real-time results

Through Page Insights, you can track the following metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Views
  • Completed Views
  • Quartile Views (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
  • Shares
  • Link Clicks

That’s it! You’re ready to set up your first video ads. Now go grab some views!

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