4 Creative Considerations for Mobile Video Ads

It's no secret that advertisers are betting on video these days, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It's more dynamic than photos and is a good bet to boost engagement. However, video is also a much costlier investment, making it much more important to do right. Make sure to consider these steps before diving into your first Facebook videos.

Capture Attention Quickly

It's vital to capture your audience's attention in the first three seconds of your video, because that's usually how long your audience gives you to determine if it's worth watching. Grab your audience's attention immediately by using exciting, vivid footage. Help your audience recognize your brand quickly by using its imagery and colors.

Design for No Sound

Most people browsing Facebook or Instagram on the go don't have their sound turned on - it would be disruptive to people around them. This means you have to capture your audiences attention with out the use of sound, putting even more importance on imagery. Consider using big, bold type, captioning and your brand's visual identity to tell the same story with words and pictures.

Frame Your Video

Mobile screens are smaller, which is important to consider when shooting your video. Think about cropping your video to a square or using more close up shots to make your video more interesting and enjoyable on mobile.

Consider Using Multiple Videos

It can be difficult to tell an entire story in 30 seconds, so consider breaking your story into consecutive videos. Facebook has advanced tracking options, so it's possible to track who has seen which of your ads, and serve them your ads in a sequential order. This is usually unexpected for your audience and ads an extra layer of intrigue around your brand.

Formatting Specifications

  • File type: MOV or MP4 recommended. H.264 encoding works best!
  • Resolution: HD for optimum quality. Keep your resolution under 1080p.
  • File Size: Facebook supports files up to 4GB, Instagram supports files up to 2.25 GB
  • Length: 
    • Videos on Facebook can be up to 120 minutes in length
    • Videos on Instagram can be up to 60 seconds
    • Videos on Audience Network can be up to 35 seconds
  • Shorter videos usually have higher engagement.

Creating video for mobile is more work up front, but it pays off in the end with higher engagement!