Introduction To Facebook Dynamic Ads

facebook dynamic ads introduction.jpeg

A regular ad for a single product may have worked just fine back in the day of print and radio, but today there are much better options. You can feature several of your best selling products within the same ad space to the same consumer. Welcome to the digital world and the advantage of what Facebook calls "dynamic ads."

Using interactive media, dynamic ads are perfect for businesses that have large inventories and they are especially beneficial to companies that see a ton of traffic on the product pages of their website. We'll take you through the basics of a dynamic ad, step by step, so you can see how this ad option maximizes conversions!   

What Makes Them So Dynamic?

People love choices when they are shopping, but they also don't want to be bogged down with a bunch of irrelevant products that do not interest them. Similarly, you don't want to spend your ad dollars putting irrelevant merchandise in front of potential buyers. Facebook invented the dynamic ad to satisfy both sides of this relationship. Now, you can pay for an ad that isn't just about one product, but is about several of your best sellers, each time showcasing an item that is going to draw the interest of that specific user.  

Taking into account the buying habits of a user, Facebook's dynamic ad will choose your most relevant product to showcase. For instance, if you own a car dealership, you probably don't want to advertise your fastest sports car to a mother with six children, even if it's the car that sells the most on your lot. Instead, you would be better served to show her an ad for your best-selling van that seats eight.

Facebook's dynamic ad is capable of distinguishing between individuals on the site thanks to personal information, items shared, and internet shopping habits to determine which of your best-selling products is best suited to that individual. You still have the option to scale campaigns, deliver ads at regular intervals, and reach individuals across multiple devices like phones, tablet or computers, but now you are showing these buyers the item they are most likely to buy.  

I'm Buying It, But How Do My Customers?

For an example, say you're in sports retail. There are a very large number of retailers out there that will cater to the tastes of your customer base. Running a dynamic ad is going to take even your pickiest customer's interests and run it against your inventory of items to present them with an ad that is going to be most likely to produce a sale. 

Say your ideal customer has found the basketball that they want on a competitor's website because they were unable to find it on yours or your competitor's google results came up first. Using the web browser on their computer, they add it to their checkout only to find it's too expensive. But you have that very same basketball for $10 less, they just don't know! They exit the browser without making the purchase and leave to go play a pickup basketball game. Later on, in the car on the way home, they log into Facebook on their phone where your dynamic ad shows them the very same basketball available from you for much cheaper. They click this ad which gives them a seamless purchasing experience by taking them directly to the checkout page of your website where they complete the purchase. Slam dunk! Pretty nifty, huh?

This is just one example. Facebook takes into account the last products a user has viewed, your top-selling items in categories that might interest them, listed interests on their profile page, and a myriad of other data points to showcase your products in a way that is meant to make efficient conversions. Facebook is even adding more ad options to increase the level of interactivity and customization to your potential ad campaign.

It's time to get dynamic and up to date with your ads! Reach out to us today and we can help you get started!