How Do Facebook Core Audiences Work?

More than 1 billion people are active daily on Facebook and many of these users have built out their Facebook profile. These profiles may list their hometown, their marital status, their education, their work and other personal details. This data is valuable for your business you unlock this hyper-targeting through Facebook ads. The information users share on Facebook helps to paint a complete and accurate picture of each individual user.

Using this data, Facebook builds three different types of target audiences: core audiences, lookalike audiences, and custom audiences. We've touched on lookalike audiences here, but let's take a closer look at your potential core audience.   

Develop Your Core Facebook Audience

If you were to draw a picture of your best customer, what would they look like? They probably spend a lot of money with you, but are they male or female? Are they older or younger? Do they access your website through mobile devices or through a computer? Once you have painted a picture of this person, you have a standardized audience, a seed from which you can grow a successful ad campaign. 

This is your core audience. These are the people you want to keep engaged on a regular basis because they are the most likely to purchase from your company. Facebook allows you to do this with an ad campaign by allowing you to set up your core audience from a wide range of demographics, like geography, gender, or age range, and then allowing you to target this group with your professionally developed ads on a schedule that you set. With this method, your ad campaign will have no wasted impressions and allows you to reach an audience on an unprecedented scale with micro-level precision. 

Interested in YOU

Once you have identified your core audience and set up the parameters for your ad campaign, its time for Facebook to do its thing. Using masses and masses of data, Facebook is able to determine, with astounding accuracy, the people signed up on their platform that are going to be interested in you. This data includes the articles, pictures, and information that each profile shares, posts, or likes, but Facebook can identify interests by other interactions too, like people checking in at different locations that are more apt to travel or even what apps people have installed.  

Facebook even has access to offline data through what they call "Partner Categories." These partner categories use third-party data from data collection companies like Epsilon and they allow you to target your ads with specific keywords. For instance, if you are selling a bicycle, you can type in "cycling" as a keyword in the ad tool and Facebook will target your ad to people who share that interest, like people who have checked in on a long bike trip or have shared articles about cycling for instance. These people are far more likely to buy your bicycle.

Facebook's sophisticated ad tool is a great way to get the most out of your advertisements. With Facebook ads, you can rest assured that you are targeting real people that are going to be interested in your products. You can set up your ad campaign to target people who already like your page, friends of people who like your page, or people who have not seen your page at all.

It just take a little set up ahead of time. It's well worth the effort, so let's get started today! For more details and a step-by-step guide on setting up your Core Audience, download our Target Audience Guide.