How To Multiply the Results of Your Email Marketing Campaign Using Facebook & Instagram Ads

When it comes to sharing important promotional material with your existing customers, you can't beat email marketing. It's one of the most cost effective ways to keep in touch and drive business. It requires very little in terms of investment because these individuals have likely already purchased from you, or at least visited your business or website, and you already have their contact information. Sending them an email is likely to get your website a click.

After all, the average consumer between the ages of 18 and 64 spends roughly 28 minutes a day on average checking their email.

That's an impressive number, but there is another space of the internet that sees significantly more traffic: social media. These same users average around 43 minutes a day on sites like Facebook and Instagram. Your business needs access to these critical channels if you want to stay at the forefront of your clients' minds.

So, what happens when you transition from a one-trick email pony to a multi-channel master of brand? 

People-Based Targeting

In order to increase your visibility within your own client database, Facebook has introduced "people-based" marketing. This uses your existing contacts (those men and women who regularly receive your email blasts and shop at your store) to choose the targets of your Facebook ads. When you stick an ad just any old where on the internet, it might flop, but with Facebook's people-based targeting you are playing to an already captive audience: your customers.

The advantage in doing this is that it complements your email marketing strategy. While not everyone may click your email and read it through in the 28 minutes they check their email, in the 43 minutes they are on Facebook and Instagram they may click your fancy carousel ad (an ad that displays 3-5 clickable images or videos of your top-selling products) and be redirected to that same text. It's all about catching their eye. 

How to Get Your New Customers - Lookalike Audiences

"Okay great," you might have said. "I'm giving Facebook my clients and they get my ad revenue."

Not quite. Advertising to your existing clients isn't all Facebook has to offer.

The real value in integrating your existing email database with advertising on Facebook comes with what they call "lookalike audiences." The moment you give Facebook information about your existing client database, they have started constructing a reasonable outline of your average customer. Information like age, gender, interests, and location helps build a general profile for the consumer that is most likely to buy your products and services.

With this profile, Facebook can scour the profiles of its over 1.3 billion users and target your ads towards individuals that check all, or most, of the boxes in your typical consumer's profile. You now have gained exposure to a whole group of likely buyers who have never seen your store or website. Every 3 to 7 days, the results refresh, continuously bringing new eyes and wallets to your point of purchase. If your ad is a lead ad, every user click instantly populates the data that user has given Facebook into your CRM software. 

You can do more than just sending emails to a worn out database. Join the social media movement today and get access to a new and promising set of clients!

Need help setting up your Lookalike Audience? Check out our step-by-step guide to setting up Facebook Audiences.