Instagram for Restaurants: Top 3 Reasons to Invest In an Account

Instagram for restaurants

When starting a local restaurant, social media is probably the last item on a restauranteur’s mind. But Instagram ads offer a goldmine of possibilities. Here are three reasons Instagram ads pay off:

1. The foodie network

There are few networks as rich as the community of foodies on Instagram. If you take a look at the #eeeeeats, #foodie and #instafood hashtags, you find millions of posts from users all taken for the love of food. 

This is a perfect medium to take glamor shots of your chef’s best dishes and get immediate attention from the foodie community - just by posting on a certain hashtag. It’s an easy and organic way to promote what you do best: create beautiful dishes.

Add rocket fuel to with advertising dollars to boost the post. This means your #foodstagram’s will be shown to even more potential customers, which brings us to our next point.

2. The ability to target locally

There are many avenues to locally advertise your business (i.e. local papers, mailers, discounts), but none are as accurate and hyper-targeted as Instagram. Because Instagram works off Facebook’s network, you can target customers based on the hometowns they list on their Facebook profiles.

On top of that, many cities use local hashtags you can use to target people in your area. 

This makes the money you spend on Instagram very cost-effective because you can be sure your views aren’t wasted on people who live far away and would never visit your restaurant.

3. Real-time Menu Updates

This makes the most impact for restaurants that feature seasonal menus or have daily specials. Once you’ve built up a following of people on your Instagram account, there’s no better way to attract visitors than previewing new dishes on Instagram, or giving a behind-the-scenes tour of your food being made in the kitchen.

People love to feel more connected to the businesses they support, and giving them a first-hand look at what they can expect when they come in for dinner is an easy way to help them feel connected. Take a beautiful photo of some fresh produce that just arrived, snap a picture of your chef putting the final touches on a new dessert, or take a photo of a wine that pairs well with the new appetizer on your menu. Your fans will thank you!

If you’re a restaurant interested in getting started on Instagram, UPPERCASE can help! Get in touch for a consultation of how to grow your business through Instagram.