Facebook Ads: Where to Start


Although Facebook and Instagram ads are a new form of digital marketing, it’s still wise to consider traditional marketing questions when setting up your campaign. Before creating a Facebook ad campaign with my clients, we always consider the following questions to start:

What goals am I trying to achieve with my Facebook ads? 

Although the overarching goal of a campaign is to drive more business, it’s helpful to get more specific. Facebook ads can do multiple different things, like drive traffic to a webpage, encourage app downloads or grow community through page likes. If you get more specific with your objectives, it will be easier to understand if your ads are successful. 

source: Facebook for Business

For example, if you have frequent business updates (a real-estate agent with new listings or a restaurant with seasonal menus), it’s beneficial to have a community to broadcast your updates to. To accomplish this objective, it makes sense to set the objective of growing your Facebook business page through page likes. That way, you’ll have a larger community to broadcast to whenever you post.

Narrowing this goal as much as possible helps figure out exactly what ads are needed. Sometimes the best strategy involves multiple different ads solving different problems in the same campaign. But the first step is identifying the goal!

What does success look like?

Are you trying to grow your community by 20%? Get two new referrals per month? Get 25 new customers by using a discount code? Setting expectations at the beginning of the process helps you determine if your advertising spend is worthwhile. While these metrics are just an outline of what you hope to achieve, it helps to set guidelines for your work.

Who am I trying to reach through Facebook ads?

This question has a two-pronged approach. First, you need to determine your audience. Outlining who your core market is will help determine the rest of the campaign. You may have different segments of markets you’d like to reach through your advertising, but how you reach them may be different. For example, you may be trying to reach one demographic who is more likely to use Facebook on their mobile device. This means that you’ll focus these advertisements toward mobile, whereas your other segments may be more prone to see your ad on desktop and may have a different call to action.

You’ll also want to gear your creative message to the segment of people you’re targeting. Someone in the 18-25 age range will have a very different response to an ad than someone in the 35-45 range. The more precisely you can target your demographics, the more precise you can be with your creative, and the more successful your ads will be.

At UPPERCASE, we help brands work through this process frequently. After experimenting with different parameters, we’re confident in this method. Contact us to get started!

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